Small Projects


The goal of this game was really to push the power fantasy one gets from having sand manipulation abilities.  The player has multiple attacks within two different 4-part combos, a heavier and a lighter version, that build in engagement as they play out.  Enemies are placed throughout the level in such a way to stagger their behaviors to make for more interesting combat.  One of the most challenging parts of the project was the 3rd-person camera.  I was eventually able to overcome this moving it closer in tighter regions in addition to even making the player transparent once within a certain proximity since seeing what was going on was more important than seeing just the model.   

2019-01-26 (13).png
Motherboard madness

Players compete to fill up pathways on circuit boards from side to side.  The big competition aspect comes from having to switch one's own circuits with the circuits at the top which both players have access to.  Since this is the only way to manipulate one's own circuit board, players are constantly risking their own pieces as they attempt to complete the path.  The circuit board is procedurally generated recursively.  The scoring algorithm has a few parts to it including:  how many filled pieces in a path, how many switches did a player perform to complete the path, a base amount, and some other tailwind mechanics which helped to keep the players engaged allowing for a constant struggle to overcome one another.  

2019-01-26 (2).png
Blast Off

Although this game was created for PC, it was made with mobile in mind.  I focused on having simple controls for this game while still attempting to make it challenging and give players a good sense of accomplishment.  Pressing the left and right arrow keys turns on the respective thruster adding torque to the ship while propelling it forward.  Physically breaking through the final cloud barrier really helps to push that feeling of accomplishment from going so far.  The music speeding up and animated background also help to increase the tension until the final resolution.  One of my first Unity games, it was fun having the opportunity to create something more physics based.